Studying Polish in the Netherlands


Why study a language and why Polish in particular? Two logical and important questions a prospective student needs to ask. We might also ask: why study English? ‘Because it is the second largest language in the world, so I will be able to communicate with many people’, could be a possible answer.

Without to reduce the value of studying English I would like to challenge you to ask yourself: aren't you capable already to communicate with many people in the English language with your actual English knowledge? And will you increase or decrease your value on the market if you study a language that so many people speak already? Our answer is that if you want to learn a language, go follow a language course preferable in the country itself. But students who want indeed to communicate between two cultures will study a language at university. Such a study will not only language and culture at university level but gives you self-reflexion and an increase of awareness of the own language and culture.

The BA Slavic Languages and Cultures with as main course Polish at University of Amsterdam provides you the expertise necessary to communicate indeed with Polish people all over the world. The Polish section invites you this explore this website and to reveal your undiscovered interests. We would like to show your opportunities in the future after you have completed your study at the faculty of Humanities in Amsterdam. Oh, and don't you worry. Your English will have improved after the study Polish as well. Much technical literature is in the  English language.  

Dirk de Wilde

ambassador of the Polish section of the UvA